Reasons Why Lake Tahoe Is My Favourite Lake

While growing up in Germany where access to the sea is quite limited (but yes - we do have a coast line indeed), growing up I spend a lot of time at different lakes instead. However, my favourite lake so far is Lake Tahoe! During my time in San Francisco I actually got to visit the area more than once (which is another plus for the city - Tahoe is just reeeeally close!). 

In this post I want to share why I love Lake Tahoe so much. Feel free to share your favourite lake in the comments! 

Reasons Lake Tahoe Is My Favorite Lake Drive

Even The drive is great. 

The landscape around Lake Tahoe is amazing. But even the drive is amazing. This is great, as you even get more excited for your vacation. Even when your car breaks down 9 miles before your estimated arrival and you have to call AAA to toe you all the way to the lake (cause, duh, a broken car is not a reason to NOT go to Lake Tahoe. Worry about the broken car AFTER you've had a great time at the lake and just take Uber everywhere). 

Reasons Lake Tahoe is My Favorite Lake Beach

The water is super clear.

The water is so freaking clear! I've only seen water that clear once before - in Canada's Fathom Five National Marine Park. When you look at pictures, you cant really believe that the water is that clear - but it is. Go to Lake Tahoe and see for yourself - the water is so freaking clear! 

Reasons Lake Tahoe Is My Favorite Lake WIldlife

You can go during any time of the year. 

It will always look so amazing! Weather it's in the summer or during winter time - in the hot sun or the cold snow - Lake Tahoe is always beautiful and there's always stuff to do. You never have to worry that all the restaurants are closed (happens a lot in busy tourist areas in Europe) if you go there during an off-season. You'll always have a great time - trust me. 

Tahoe - View2.jpg

North, South, California or Nevada? Go everywhere! 

The Lake Tahoe area is divided into North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe but also has a vertical border between the States of California and Nevada. Consequently, you can go to many different places (and as someone who's goal it is to visit all the 52 states of America, this is perfect). 

Reasons Lake Tahoe Is My Favorite Lake Kate Rebel

So many activities!

As I said - you can visit Lake Tahoe at anytime during the year. You will not only be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape but you'll always find so many exciting activities, too! You can go skiing, water-skiing, hiking, zip-lining, ride a boat, swim (jep, it's cold, but if I can do it, you can do it!), sun bathe, paddleboarding or whatever else might come to your mind. 

Why Lake Tahoe Is My Favorite Lake Cabin.jpg

Everything is possible. 

Isn't this a beautiful house to stay at when going to lake Tahoe? I can assure you, it is! I was lucky enough to spend a fun weekend with a bunch of friends there. But weather you are  looking for an intimate getaway with your favourite person, a relaxing spa weekend with your girlfriends or a huge cabin for your squad - Lake Tahoe offers everything! 

Have you been to the Lake Tahoe area? If yes, which is your favourite spot around the lake? And what is your favourite lake ever? 

Kate recommends: I love reading books with the same setting that I am currently at. That is why you should definitely read one of Todd Borg's mystery books, which are all set around the area. I recommend reading "Tahoe Deathfall" as it won the award Best Thriller Bay Area from Independent Publishers.