The Grand Adventure

Hi, I'm Kate! And I love a good adventure - whether on my next vacation, in my everyday life or between the pages of a book. So why not write about it? 

Kate Rebel

Kate Rebel is back! After already starting a blog in 2015 and then pausing it for a while when I moved to San Francisco, this is now my second attempt to share my adventures with you. Because as a matter of fact - I love writing! Papers, news articles, speeches, poems, funeral orations, blog posts, stories, books (well, at least the first pages of a chapter) - I've been there and I wrote that - or at least I tried. 

Kate Rebel

I hope you enjoy this little space, where I share my adventures in real life and from one or another book my nose is currently stuck into.  Feel free to reach out, ask questions or give feedback :) 

Kate recommends: In this section you will find a casual book recommendation that I think would go well with a certain trip, activity, city or whatever the blog post is about. As a notorious book lover, I always have a copy of something in my bag (check if you like). If you have any recommendations for a book, I would be happy to hear your thoughts (I am always looking for a good new read)! By the way - a portion of Kate goes well with a copy (any copy, really) of Harry Potter (in order to understand my references...Siriusly.).