My Top 3 Beaches On Oahu

Even though I haven't had the chance to explore all of Oahu's beautiful beaches, I would like to introduce you to my top 3 favorite beaches on the Hawaiian island so far. 

Hawaii Oahu Pipeline Beach
Oahu Hawaii Pipeline Beach

3. Pipeline Beach 

The official name of the beach is Banzai Pipeline, but mostly it is called "Pipeline" or "Pipe". This beach is notorious for huge waves that break in shallow water and therefore super famous among surfers. I particularly like this beach as you can admire the giant waves and watch surfers which makes for a good entertainment. Or - you know, you could actually surf yourself but ummm... maybe next time. Also, the beach is conveniently close to a super market and a street food market with one of the best acai bowls I've had in my life.

Mokuleia Beach Oahu Hawaii
Mokuleia Beach Oahu Hawaii

2. Mokuleia Beach

When I went to Oahu, this beach was on my list due to the fact that it was as a filming location for the tv series LOST (you can kinda see the smoke monster coming out of "the jungle" in the first picture, right?). But also, the guys from Island View Hawaii recommended this beach as one of their favourites. And I was not disappointed. Compared to the other beaches on Oahu, this place was basically empty. We had an amazing, long beach all to ourself (so we kinda got a lost feeling, too), so if you want to escape the touristy areas, this is where you should go. 

Hawaii Oahu Laniakea Beach
Hawaii Oahu Laniakea Beach

1. Laniakea Beach 

As this is a well known beach on Oahu, it is way more touristy and crowded than the other ones, but it is still my favorite so war. The sand is suuuuper fine and soft and the view with the islands close to the shore is amazing. As the water is really shallow for quite some distance, the water looks very blue and clear (almost like the Caribbean) plus it's very warm - which is great for freezing bums like me :) 

Checking out the different beaches is definitely a must when you go to Oahu. But there is so much more to see! For an extensive overview what not to miss, check out Jackson's post about 80 Things To Do On Oahu - that guy is a true Hawaiian expert! 

What are your favorite beaches in Oahu? Do you agree with my choice? 

Kate recommends: A perfect beach read for amazing Hawaiian beaches is "About A Girl" by Lindsey Kelk. This book will get you into the spirit of your romanticized island adventure for sure! Tess Brookes receives the right call at the right time and gets an offer as a photographer in Hawaii. Sounds good, even if the call is for your flatmate and you're not even a photographer! The novel is well-paced and full of hilarious escapades - just the right book as you hang on the beach sipping some cocktails.